Learn more about bad usb

I’m wanting to learn more about the bad usb function. I saw someone post the code for like a Rick roll bad usb prank but not sure how I take that code and download it to the bad usb app on my flipper. Are there any other fun things I can try or might be useful for a bad usb?

Just read the documentation. Bad USB - Flipper Zero - Documentation

BadUSB turns the Flipper into a keyboard. Virtually anything you can do with a keyboard you can do with a Flipper. The advantage to using the Flipper is it can type faster then you can and you don’t have to remember all the commands. In order to get an idea of what I can do I like to plug an actual keyboard into devices. Then I mess around with commands and shortcuts. Smart TV and streaming devices are a couple targets people don’t think about. Here are some interesting scripts you can use after you read the documentation @LupusE pointed you to.

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