Legic Prime


a few people on forum and many in Discord have asked about Legic Prime support for Flipper Zero, but it never got a traction to start implementing it.
I would like to help with this, hopefully :crossed_fingers:, manageable task.

Key points:

I have following equipment at my disposal: multiple Legic Prime cards and original readers, Proxmark3, Flipper Zero.
I will provide what I can (dumps, etc.), I can even send a card by post.

Many commercial places in Europe use this product and many users in community have asked for it so this would be great ability for our dolphins to master :dolphin:


is there anything more I can to than voting on this in order to give Legic Prime implementation a push?

What bugs me most is that the Flipper Zero does not react at all to any Legic Prime NFC tag. It takes a bit to find out why my NFC card works fine on my door but my FZ doesn’t even react at all. A lot of new flipper users may not even know that their FZ is not “broken” but lacking Legic Prime support. I guess if more European FZ users were aware of it there would be more buzz. :wink:

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Just diagnosed unsupported LEGIC to be my problem too, Did actually not realize this for months, glad to have found this is already addressed and really (like: really really) looking forward to see this evolve. :slight_smile: