Lie detector

Would it be possible to build a simple polygraph / lie detector using flipper zero gpio?

I always try first to search for “arduino $(word)”. And for "arduino lie detector’ is one hit: Arduino Polygraph Machine (Lie Detector) - ElectroPeak

So it should be possible. I see two limitations:

  • The graph will be no so smooth on the build-in display.
  1. Use USB Out
  2. Use a warning sign, based on pattern. But first you’ll need to create a baseline … Could be much more work.
  • I don’t know if the computing speed of the flipper will be fast enough.
    In acoustics I’ve heart you’ll need twice as CPU MHz as the max frequency you want to analyze. Just for basic operations. Luckily the heartbeat won’t be much higher than 130 BPM.
    but as the Arduino seems to work, I would try it.

There is one more, but more important limitation: lie detector is a fake concept.
But if you want to make a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG), which is what a “lie detector” is - that’s possible even without using GPIO.