Lift-Master Garage Door

Lift-Master Base Station

3rd party “Clicker” remote Freq = 390 FCCID = HBW7922

SW1 390.00 AM270.sub (8.2 KB)
SW2 390.00 AM270.sub (9.0 KB)

i am unable to copy and send with the flipper

you do not have more than 1 normally recorded message. the fastest remote control works not at 390 MHz but at a different frequency

do you need the files with a different modulation?

record a video of what the frequency analyzer shows, for starters (9.6 MB)

Well, again, not the official firmware, and I don’t know what has been done there. anyway try to record RAW on AM650, FM238, FM476. 2 meters from the transmitter (maybe just the key fob just “blinds” the flipper)

i do have rougemaster installed, however i was able to read just fine my two work garage remotes.

i will scan all 4 shortly

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nothing showed up on the FM modulation
here are the 650

S1_650.sub (22.1 KB)
Sw2_650.sub (46.0 KB)

throw it away and never put it back on again!

copy that! (whats wrong with it?)

also, i think that remote is trash…

here are the files from my truck, they work to send raw

button1_am650.sub (14.2 KB)
button2_am650.sub (12.8 KB)

and what app are you using to view the frequency?

what app are you using to view the frequency?

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Why ??

I imagine the same as most. The flipper itself. Using raw frequency analyzer recorder.

on the one hand, your protocol is very similar to Chamberline Code 8 bit, but not like that) there are 2 repeated messages with 3 bit encryption. and for some reason you have the same data on different buttons. to add this protocol, you need dependencies of buttons with different switch positions in order to identify the pattern

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Hello, does anyone here have the liftmaster files for opening garages with flipper zero? I am new and trying to experiment.