Linear GT-31 390MHZ

I have a garage door opener which isn’t supported.

It’s a Linear GT-31 and runs at 390MHZ. I’ll include the instruction manual and some
some pictures here:

gt31.pdf (81.3 KB)

(the photo here is from the internet because the plastic sheet on the back of my remote is curled up and hard to read, but everything matches with this picture).

What exactly happens if you try to read it?

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Nothing. It sees the transmission but doesn’t identify it or take up a “slot”, unless you’re using binhex or raw capture.

Did you try

  1. Replaying the RAW?
  2. Changing the modulation to AM270?
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Look at UberGuidoZ github sub collection and subghz applications. You can compare the captured data with rtl433 and check the sub brute application , there are also good linear delta3 and 8-10bit examples in there to compare to your own.

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