Linear LDO50 318mhz

Hi, I have been trying to get my Flipper to function as a secondary garage door opener and trying to test to see if I really need to upgrade my Garage door opener, Within Sub-GHz/Bruteforcer it lists something similar a Linear 10bit at 310MHz, I have had no success with this. I know I can scan my garage door fob, I just want to know if I’m on the right track… Will Linear 10bit at 310MHz work on my 318MHz garage door? I fear I’m skipping some steps and I’m really new to this community and am trying to figure things out on the whole device… Any help would be very welcomed…


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If it’s a different frequency it won’t work. Look for a file that matches the frequency of your garage door.

I’ve been looking for about a week solid now, and I’m unable to find anything.
Again though, I’m just a n00b. The Flipper was my introduction to all this…

Nevermind… I found what I was looking for!

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