Lock screen "if found" message

Hi guys,

I thought about setting a “Property of x”, “If found, please call/text xx” type of message on the lock screen, in case the thing gets lost. I guess I could print a label and glue it to the back, but being able to set a lock screen message would be a nice feature.

Let’s discuss!



This is an excellent idea as long as you don’t have information that can dox where you live. Some people have things like their garage remote on there. It could be extracted then your own Flipper could be used to open your garage for instance. Until then a sticker could accomplish the same purpose.
I would create an email address just for the purpose of getting my Flipper returned. With data leaks and data brokers it’s too easy to track a phone number. Giving out an address would be even worse.


Very solid feedback with security in mind. Much appreciated and fully agreed. For that reason I have it locked, and attached to a tracker, and I carry it everywhere like I do my keys.

As for the lock screen message idea, I’m still looking for solutions. Will keep this thread updated.

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Me and my wife have our Email addresses in our wedding ring. When I loose my ring she gets an email…
So it is personal enough and a secure solution.

In Denmark a dog needs a plate with name address and phone number.
The reason is they don’t have shelter. So if your dog is cached by the police they need to contact you, else the animal will be released… I am not happy to know anyone can see where I live and that I am in. I would really sleep better if my dogs would get an email address.

The pin doesn’t offer much protection. If someone had your Flipper they could remove your SD card and reload the firmware. Then they could put your SD card back in and have access to everything on the SD card. That means all the saved codes like doors and gates.

@LupusE Luckily dogs and rings don’t know alarm codes!

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