Looking for Stinger Heigh10 (UN1810) IRDB code

Just putting a call out there if anybody has the IR codes for the Stinger Heigh10 (UN1810) remote (SE-1500). It’s a automotive stereo. From what I’ve found there’s only the code for Toyota Sienna stereo.


I recommend putting out this question on one of the dedicated IR forums and possibly one of the home automation forums.

Save this post and check back in a few days. I hope to have something for you.

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Sorry for the delay. The remote had to come from China. Try this: flipperzero/infrared/Stinger_HEIGH10_UN1810_DVD_Video_System at main · emptythevoid/flipperzero · GitHub

All I would like in exchange is for you to let me know if it works properly.

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