Looking to source a backlight pcb

Had a little mishap with my flipper and the RGB mod that resulted in me accidentally snapping the stock orange backlight pcb in two pieces. Long story short, im reverting the mod back to stock and am now without a backlight.

Where can i get the pcb that containes the 3 LEDs for the screen?

No guarantees here but Ali seems to be the best place for now. If this one works or you find another please let us know. I’m keeping track of parts people have confirmed here.

Ive heard from reddit that this screen may not work and yhe pinout may be different.

Found this one,


looks like it works bit isnt suitable for me as it doesnt include the backlight. My LCD itself is fine. I just need the LED strip.

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If you do find an appropriate replacement please let me know. As I said I save replacement parts people can confirm working. The display without the backlight is the only one I have confirmation on currently.

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Thinking of just making a backlight pcb myself. Ill release the files on github once i confirm that the boards work properly.

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That’s a cool idea!

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Made the pcb, now im happy again.

Is there a file or any instructions?

Here’s the github with the files i made. \

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Very nice! I can point the next person that needs a replacement there.