LoRa Module

Hi :slight_smile:

Is anybody interested in working together to build a LoRa module and accompanying F0 application? Something like the built-in Sub-GHz application that can capture and replay LoRa messages, and also supporting non-LoRa spread spectrum modulation.

Currently imagining designing my own board around the Sematech SX127x transceivers instead of buying an off-the-shelf module, to learn more about RF board design and for fun - although I don’t know if this is a terrible idea!

I’m not sure which LoRa do you mean, but there are plenty of topics in search: Search results for 'lora' - Flipper Community

That really depends on the application I think. it probably wouldn’t make sense to use Lora for Flipper for Flipper communication but it sounds more useful to read data from a Lora transmitter or to communicate with devices like Meshtastic.