Lost My Flipper Zero

I didn’t write down the serial number but the name is Munshy. It’s been missing for about a week now and I’ve been walking around where I normally go with the app open on my phone just trying to connect to it so I can ping it but no luck. I’ve looked in my work lost and found and it wasn’t there either. I don’t know if anybody else has found it but if anyone does, my text now number is 641-505-6246.

Hello, I think it would be useful to know the country you live in, the device’s color, and any extra accessory such as cases, etc.

Also I think the serial number should be saved somewhere, provided you had it connected to a pc running qFlipper at some point. I hope you’ll find your flipper again and if you do, I suggest you fit it with a tracker like the apple airtag or something similar. I have one attached to the hole for the wristband and although it looks kinda out of place, it saved me from buying another flipper and from losing the files I have on it.

pepeHands , my condolences for loss of your dolphin, i would keep checking BT around hoping you can spot it and hope somebody found it, and if confronted will give it back.

Look for the BT mac address in your phone under “Previously connected devices” then go here to have a look. My serial number has an extra 2 digits in the middle but it’s almost the same as my BT MAC address.

I tried run Tasker(Android) in the background scanning for Flippers and then have it notify me. Sadly at least on my phone I only got fast reliable notifications when the phone screen was on. Phones have battery optimization setting that can be turned off to increase reliability but the setting can be different from one phone to the next. Maybe your phone does better or you could extend the screen on time well scanning. I’d test with a different Bluetooth device to figure out how your phone does if you want to try it. Perhaps someone even has a better way to use Tasker for scanning. I don’t usually use Tasker this way.

Basic setup:
Open Tasker and create a new profile + then create
Select state
Select net
Select BT Near
click the :mag: next to name
Select your Flipper
check Standard, Low-Energy , and unpaired

Hit the back button then select new task
Type Notify or something similar as a name for the task then click the :heavy_check_mark:
Click :heavy_plus_sign: then select Alert
Pick any alert you like or even multiple alerts.

I decided to use Flipper* instead of my exact flipper name. I may try this in the wild to see if I find other Flippers.

I also created a second profile that activates the notification using state >> net >> BT connected. That profile works good to notify you audibly when the Flipper connects but that only happens when the Flipper app is open. It still might be useful just to get your attention rather then staring at the screen.

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I’m in the US, my flipper is just a basic white one and I have no accessories on it besides a wrist loop

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I use an iPhone. I think I might just get a new transparent one

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