Lower Half Blurred

I literally just got the flipper zero shipped in about 3 days ago. The unit was working fine. I have not even done a software update or even used it yet. I have been just waiting for a microSD card to ship in so I can use my flipper zero. However, suddenly today I checked my flipper zero again and the bottom half of the screen is unreadable. My flipper zero is completely brand new and I do not want to damage it. So I was wondering what the issue could possibly be?

I remember someone having a loose connection inside. It was on the Flipper Reddit somewhere. They showed how to re-seat the cable in the connector. I can’t say if that’s what you are experiencing or if it would be wise for you to attempt a repair. I would contact support first to figure out my options.


Either the flat connector/cable or the screen itself is damaged … Contact support for RMA …

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