Magnetic Touch Plate Access Card - Secura Key 26SA

I know the answer, but I want to get the official one. Flipper support for magnetic touch plates access control?

I have a couple of friends who have what seems to be called magnetic touch plate access cards. An example of the card reader would be Secura Key 26SA. The reader has a metal plate the size of an access card. The card has to be oriented a specific direction (the card has an arrow on it). Once placed on the reader it opens the gate.

Because this uses magnets, and not a standard wireless frequency. This does not work with the flipper. Or am I off on this?

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The unique encryption of the Barium-Ferrite card system you’re interested in is in the location and polarity of microscopic ferrite particles embedded in the card. In a way, it’s a physical representation of a matrix of values that the reader tests all at once against a known “correct” matrix (hence the orientation sensitivity). Unfortunately, there’s no function to my knowledge inside a Flipper that will be able to help with spoofing or duplicating this type of card.

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I never knew about those. So “pockets” in the card hold magnetic material and based on their location, size and polarity the card is able to admit you?

That is interesting. The reader must have multiple zones, blocks or whatever you want to call it that the reader works with. I cannot image manufacturing a card with magnetic materials to be a crazy accurate process, but what do I know. It gives me something to look into.

Thank you for the info @Whale

You are correct, the Flipper doesn’t support those cards

Any updates on this? Can it be done through a GPIO device?

This reminds me of Urmet’s MagiKey (Article about MagiKey in russian, so you probably will be able to wire some reader with a matrix of hall sensors and write an app for reading a key. Writing would be completely different story.