Marauder flashing

Hi where how can I flash my marauder 32 to use my dev board?

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You can use esp_flasher app at Flipper.

  1. get binary files from GitHub - justcallmekoko/ESP32Marauder: A suite of WiFi/Bluetooth offensive and defensive tools for the ESP32
  • FlashFiles/FlipperZeroDevBoard/esp32_marauder.ino.bootloader.bin
  • FlashFiles/FlipperZeroDevBoard/esp32_marauder.ino.partitions.bin
  • FlashFiles/FlashFiles/FlipperZeroDevBoard/boot_app0.bin
  1. get firmware bin. The last one:
  1. Put the files to Flippers SD-card to /apps_data/esp_flasher/

  2. Connect DevBoard to Flipper, press and hold right button at the DevBoard, press and release left button, release right button

  3. run Apps => GPIO => ESP Flasher => Manual Flash
    select files

  • Bootloader = esp32_marauder.ino.bootloader.bin
  • Part Table = esp32_marauder.ino.partitions.bin
  • boot_app0 = boot_app0.bin
  • FirmwareA = esp32_marauder_v0_13_9_20240227_flipper.bin

Im pretty new at this. Is there anyway to explain it simpler. As if you were tell a kindergartener.

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You boss, looking for a guide everywhere. This helped alot! Thankyou!