Master key

My complex has 20 bldgs. I’ve programmed all 20 bldgs into flipper. Is there a way to take that info and make one master fob for all bldgs?


It’s possible but I can’t say for sure without data and some testing. If you are lucky they got sloppy and you can guess the master code. It might be something like FF FF FF FF, FF 00 00 00, or 00 00 00 00.

First you don’t want to have master keys on your configuration as an intruder will try all of those known master keys like 00 00 00 00 , FF FF FF FF, etc … you want to MAKE SURE that none of that works on your system + it can’t be fuzzed + standard/default keys/cards are not programmed.

Now IF YOU DO HAVE ACCESS to the management system/controller what you want to do is pick one of those keys for your building on flipper and using the exact same format create a “virtual” code… as example if you have for example a 125 khz ioprox XFS of AA BB CC DD you can create in flipper something like 01 02 03 04 (use random hex values that are not easy to guess). now use you management console/system to inser/programm that key for all of the 20 bldgs so that you will have both the building original code + the new virtual code that you have on flipper. Done.

Now your locks will unlock with both the individual for each bldgs key + the “master” that you programmed and is equal to all 20 bldgs.

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:laughing: Very true. I probably should have said something like “if you are lucky you will find them”. I think that’s still a good thing because then it could be fixed.

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