Maxtex RFID Question

Hello all,
I’m a Flipper n00b and had an RFID question. My community has a gate which is opened by the device pictured below. It is labeled Maxtex RFID. The HOA gives us a windshield tag (Maxtek RFID Windshield Tag - Global Gate Controls, Inc. | Global Gate Controls, Inc.) which goes in our car which opens the gate. I was trying to get my new Flipper to read the RFID tag from my car to no avail.

Does anyone know if the Flipper will work with this device?

That appears to be an RFID tag that works in the UHF spectrum(915MHz). The type of RFID the Flipper does is LF(125kHz). So unfortunately the Flipper won’t read it.

You could try this app with mentioned external module

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