MegaCode 24bit key fob, only one of two buttons working?

Staying with a friend for a while and needed gate/mail access, but friend needs his fob. Read and saved both buttons on the apartment key fob to open the main gate and access the community center. The emulated button for the gate works every time (even at a greater distance than the fob, score!), but the button for unlocking the community center door doesn’t seem to work. Even with the flipper right up against the receiver.

Anyone know something I don’t about these fobs? Maybe it’s Sub-GHz plus RFID? I suppose I could try to scan it to see when he gets back into town next week, just trying to figure out my avenues of investigation beforehand.

Edit: Solved! As per another workaround with a similar remote.

Sub-GHz data:
Sn:0x6EF8 - 28408

RFID data (H10301)

So the solution (or workaround) is to take the Facility # and the S/N and put them together. 01 & 6EF8.

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Read here. Is it the same fob? Does workaround help?

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Not the same fob, but I’m going to go try the workaround now. Let’s see what transpires!

Dude, I looked for a while and did not find that thread you linked. You’re a boss!