Menu Content Different with 0.77.1

After updating to this release, menu structure appears different and content is limited to assets? For example, the settings menu is gone? When you select the main menu, then any submenu it either says empty, or it only has an asset folder. The navigation guide in Docs does not replicate what I am seeing now (though in the previous release this all worked). File system shows folders on SD card with no error. I did reload and reboot, but no change. Any guidance is appreciated.


Can you see the files on the SD card in the Flipper menu? If not check your SD card in your computer if you can then let us know how that looks.

The files are clearly visible on the SD card. I do not however that when I click on a folder it will ofter have and assets folder. When i select a menu item like NFC it is there but the READ options, for example is not there. I cant find a SETTINGS item to reformat the SD card. The previous firmware did not have these issues.

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Expierencing the same issue on 0.81.0. Did you figure out a solution?

New SD card and re-flashing firmware corrected the issue.

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I’m experiencing something very similar. I have dragged and dropped and unzipped folder into updates, and the files are there on the sd card.

When I go into either the actual flipper or qflipper, the sd card shows all the files. When I go into the Update folder, the folder says EMPTY and there aren’t any files there.

I have reflashed and such, but still experiencing the same issue. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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What files are you putting into the updates folder? Files should be place in there corresponding folder. a .ir file should go in the infrared folder for instance.