Metro Transit Bus Pass Help

I have a Metro Transit bus pass. I live in MN, USA.

I get 0 keys. I’ve tried detecting reader but the reader flips out and even if I do somehow pull “keys” it just looks like it is and no keys are obtained.

I’m going to attach the bus pass. Can anyone help me get this bus pass working?

I guess it’s not letting me attach it here. I can send or post a link if that’s even allowed.

This is also my second time making this post this week, seems like my account somehow has to be recreated with the same username and now I can’t even upload the .nfc

I’ll wait for a kind reply. Thank you!

As far as I know depending on where you live and the service the card uses most of the data on the card is encrypted, the Flipper will not be able to read most of the data and only the card number, and even then some cards don’t even allow you to read that.