Mfkey32 save different uid's

Hi. I need help.
When i use “detect reader” feature on my Flipper, i have this UID 69495667 on log in CLI and this uid right (because i extract right key). But on .mfkey32.log i have this UID 17aadf26 and for this UID key extraction will not work, but other data is the same. Who know why UID, translated in CLI, and UID in log file (autogenerated after use “detect reader”) is different ?

I read somewhere that “detect reader” uses a random UID, i don’t have a clue if this does apply to mfkey32 log file but might be related …

yes. “detect reader” generate random uid, but in one session on CLI and log file this uid is differend. In log file UID not right. <nr_0> <ar_0> <nr_1> <ar_1> is the same, but uid’s is different and i can’t automatically scrape log file for keys