microSD card compatibility

Hello. Brand new Flipper user, first post, so please make allowances. The guidance on compatible cards is a bit vague to me, beyond brand names. I intend to go very slowly in learning this tool to avoid making mistakes that might seriously impair my progress, so I would like to find out if anyone has used this card and encountered any issues with it (or suspects that I might find some):
SanDisk Imagemate microSDXC UHS-I 128 GB
I happen to have an unused example on-hand, but I would have no issue on buying another, more appropriate, card. Thank you!


is a total overkill. Filling 1GB is hard, 32GB close to impossible.

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Question was about compatibility, not capacity :slight_smile: To elaborate, I have this 128GB card at hand, brand new, left over from another application where I will not be using it. I did a survey of SD card prices after I read your reply. My 128GB card now retails for ~12USD. A 32GB card is ~8 USD. Lower capacities seem to be no less than ~5 USD. So we aren’t talking about much potential savings here.

You’ve asked for user reports, and you are unlikely to have any, because of (see above). That’s what I’m trying to say.

Also, main reason of problems is the fact that the card is counterfeit, in which case written name is not too meaningful.

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When you have more gb’s of storage then mhz in computing power you must be very optimistic about the device and future applications. The moment the cpu starts crying and asking if it is gonna gonna be its purpose to take computations from it to fill it up. :smiley: Its gonna be impossible to pass level 6 where ethics and compassion are a major part of unlocking the dragon’s chest.

but yeah, imitations and fake hardware is a global problem, where people try to rebrand and resell old trash for lots of money, so they sell you a 2gb card saying its a 128gb one and by the time you notice , the seller is far gone, so if you want to be sure you get decent hardware, order at decent resellers, like lab401 for example, and not every random online re-re-re-dropship-reseller on any random platform , that usually prevents problems with counterfeit hardware.

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Sandisk is a great option. I always recommend 8-32gb because they will have plenty of space and cards less then 8gb are usually more expensive then the 8gb or 16gb cards.

128 GB is a little oversized, but could work with exFAT.

If you have it, try it. But If you want to buy one, take a good branded 32GB.
I recommend SanDisk, Kingston
I would not use Intenso, Watston

Hard to remember all brands. Easier to say good or bad by example.
The main issue here is, the Vendor do not print if SPI(?) Is supported or not. Because 99% are using the card in smartphones or digicams.

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I got a 32gb cause it was sorta cheapest/best price size comparison… but then having it in the FZ, you notice filling a couple of gb’s takes some effort if you want to keep some order so, realistically i would say a couple of gb’s would be more then enough? A cheap 8gb will take effort to actually get filled with ton’s of captures and stuff. For average usage without having it dump everything 24/7 i would say a 4gb is even more then used on average?

The GuidoZ repo is 5gb on Fat32 (standard blocksize) alone. So 8gb is more suitable.
Of course you could sort out the date before to save space…


Yeah but a lot are examples / dumps you will not actually use in practical applications anyway more in a analyzing situation? So if you wanna cheap out, it could be more then you use anyways?

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Here are the first two cards on an Amazon search for 4 and 8 GB in Sandisk and then Kingston. It no longer makes any sense to buy a card less then 8gb unless you need it for an old device that requires a smaller card. I usually find the sweet spot for value at about 32gb much like @Sir_Fap_A_Lot did.

Right now Identical Sandisk cards accept for size.
$9.94 4GB
$9.97 8GB

$12.97 4GB
$12.95 8GB

And now for the grand finale! How can I justify buying a smaller card?
$7.56 32GB Sandisk

Weird economics are weird.

Economics of scale I suspect.