MicroSD Formatting

Hi, I have a SanDisk MicroSD card and I want to use it for my flipper zero, It has Raspberry Pi OS Installed on it But I have no way of inserting into my PC to format it. Is it possible to format the MicroSD card within the flipper zero or in the flipper zero PC app after connecting flipper zero to my PC with the MicroSD card in it?

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Hey @stellar,

This should be possible on the Flipper: Setting → Storage → Format SD Card

As a side note, if you do get an adapter to connect your SD card to your computer, I recommend the SD card formatter from the SD Card Foundation. I’ve had better luck formatting cards with that tool rather than with Windows built in formatting tools.

I did use and old RPI SD card in my Flipper but I formatted it with a PC and USB adapter. I recommend getting a USB adapter if the formatting doesn’t go well on the Flipper. SD cards used in the Raspberry PI have multiple partitions which the Flipper may or may not recognize during the formatting process. Please let us know how it goes.

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