Mifare 4K read & write


I have a Mifare 4K card from my gym and I want to do a copy of it, but I’ve found 2 issues.

On reading it takes a lot of time and finaly it ends reading 77/80 Keys and 39/40 sectors
Writing flipper says it can only write 1K cards

There is any way to read the original card to get all sectors (with an extra application, a different dictionary, etc.)?

Same fro writing, can it be written somehow?

Thanks in advance!

PS: ATQA is 00 02 and SAK 18

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I have this exact problem. what i do now is use the following program:

to get the keys, and then manually add them to the flipper’s dictionary. Then, the flipper can get the contents of the entire card, and asve/emulate. Unfortunately, the keys are probably all trivial except the one that has the sector used for authentication, so it will not work unless yoiu have all 80 keys.