Mifare Classic 1K Detect Reader not working

Hi, I’m trying to clone my Mifare Classic 1K fob (4 byte UID), however keys provided with the device give me only 30/32 keys and 15/16 sectors. I saved it anyway and now I’m trying to use “Detect reader” function to get rest of the keys from the reader. However my F0 is stuck on “Emulating MIFARE MFkey32” and when I touch it to the reader nothing happens. Is there anything else that I could do?

When I try to use the dump as is (30 keys, 15 sectors) it generally doesn’t work (which is expected), but it managed to open the door once, but I can’t reproduce that behavior.

I have same situation. Also I don’t see UID at bottom of screen as many had (when using read key to detect reader), it just stays on first screen with no change after touching reader.