Mifare Classic 4k - SAK 38 - ATQA 00 02 and 00 08

These cards I believe present identically to SAK 18 cards (which the Flipper supports) but are emulated on different hardware (Proxmark reports the ATQA 00 02 as “SmartMX with MIFARE Classic 4K”)

I did think that forcing a read as Mifare Classic would work, but it only reads 16 sectors not 40.

I have all the keys (thanks Proxmark autown :slight_smile: ) for several ATQA 00 02 cards and can dump them if needed, but I’m hoping this is simply a case of adding a new SAK/ATQA values to the existing Mifare Classic 4k parser.

Having the same problem with:

SAK: 0x38 and ATQA: 0x0004

Flipper Zero wrongly identifies the card as Mifare Classic 1K and only reads 16 sectors.

Thus the flipper cannot calculate the keys.
Any news on the issue?

I just submitted a Pull Request adding support for these cards.