Mifare DESFire won't emulate

Hello! Flipper read a Mifare DESFire NFC-A card but during the emulation it didn’t work, the door did not open. I’m using a default Flipper Firmware. Is there a way to debug and find out why emulation didn’t work?
Thank you!

P.S. According to the documentation, “Flipper Zero reads and saves unprotected applications and files”. So the emulation seems not to work because of the protected sectors that were not saved to Flipper, right?
Is there a firmware that could save all data? Or is there another way to archieve this?

I believe you missed the highlighted part in the box just below what you quoted from the documentation

For MIFARE DESFire cards, Flipper Zero is able to emulate only the UID.

There is no current known vulnerability for breaking the encryption on DESFire cards, therefore as the reader isn’t just reading the UID from the card, but indeed reading from the sectors, I’m afraid there isn’t a solution for you here.


So it’s rather a hardware restriction, then software? And no custom firmware could resolve this issue?

It’s software.
EM4100 is not protected by design.
Classic is protected, but possible to copy due to a set of stupid vulnerabilities back from the previous century.
DESFire is modern and doesn’t have it.