Mifare Ultralight C - Unlock with Reader Option Not Working

Mifare Ultralight C - Unlock with Reader Not Working

I am staying at a hotel that uses a password protected Mifare Ultralight C card running on Salto system.

I tried the option after reading the card to get the password by touching the reader but it isn’t registering against the reader.

Any ideas?

oh salto not a chance

ULC isn’t to be trifled with and the unlock from reader isn’t always gonna work with this type sorry

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Same, F0 identifies the nfc as a mifare ultralight c, first 4 pages read of 48. Password protected for the other remaining pages. The UID is displayed. This is from the Read function on .94 firmware. More searching identifies the tag itself as a Geotab geo nfcstkblu. Tried several different F0 reads but no go on the Geotab 10x nfc reader. No affect at all on the reader when emulating 4 of the 48 pages . Password is 8 characters.