Mifare32 emulation/bruteforce

if this is redudndant please delete me ill never return. im a big dumb animal and i need help as im lost.

I own a property with an hid door reader and i want to test its security.

this is where i am.
I tool my flipper and my dog who i walk OFF HIS LEASH
And i go into NFC. and select detect reader. place it against the reader and it hit all the keys and i go into flipper app and into mifare32 thingy and it hit me with the enclosed pic. of keys and says 1 unique key. and has that one at the top selected.

now is that a key to open the door? can that be emulated or written? or is that key now just listed in the list of keys. can u use the flipper rfid fuzzer on that or the sub gig bruteforcer? and does that key from the reader have anything to do with either the fuzzer or bruteforcer.

teach me. and ill go away

no it’s not a key to open the door. the decrypted SECTOR keys are used to unlock sectors within the card you must already possess.

it is not a bruteforce for doors it is a calculation tool to help read cards.

edittoadd: brute forcing high frequency chipsets js a fools errand and is highly unlikely to ever work unless your system is based on UID auths exclusively and you have more luck than every movie protagonist ever

awesome. thanks!!