Mini ESP32 Wifi Module

New version of the circuit board seems to work (using Marauder Mini firmware rather than the Flipper version)! My PR for adding pins 16/15 as DTR/RTS pins was landed recently which should make flashing/reprogramming much easier.


I love the design and I’d like to create one myself.
besides the board and ESP-S2-module, what other parts do I need for this?

Hey mate, looks awesome, is there any BOM list? I see in the bottom side some footprints c1 c3 R1 LED1, looks like a led, resistor, and… but le me knwo what we need :slight_smile:

Thanks and congrats by the initiative.

  • D1: 2V LED
  • R1: 68 R
  • C1: 0.1 uF
  • C2: 10 uF

Probably :slight_smile:


awesome thanks!

According to another schema:

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Can you send me the products link of the working version, i would like to buy the components thx.


Hello my friend, could you send me the links of what you used tu build the working esp 32, thx

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Any update on this? Would love a parts list as well.


Any chance you had a part number for the switch on the S2 version? I believe I have found everything else I need on Mouser, but I don’t think I can find a switch small enough.

Thankyou for your time.

Hey can we all have a parts list please. TY!

This is the switch you need. You’re welcome.

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This is super cool!!!

hi i have the nodemcu esp-32s and i was wandering how i can hock it up to the fliper gpio i have all the cables for it but just not sure how if anyone can help

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What are the SMD sizes?

It’s SMD 1206

Nah, didn’t found it either, I’ve did jump-wire with 0 Om resistance because I only use it while it’s plugged-in. Not that big of a deal

Good morning, I have this problem, I use 3.3 when I put the esp32 my SD turns off, any solution?

Hey @antimatter15 any chance you have it for the newly released ESP32-C6-WROOM-1 module? I got my hands on a few of them and would love to mount one on that mini board. Thanks.

Pls FlipperWifi V2.1 ESP32-S2
pcb abbreviation which part it is LED 1 - IO4 / JP1 thanks bro

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