Mini ESP32 Wifi Module

I built a tiny wifi module out of an ESP32, though I haven’t tested it yet.


Pin layout?
Have you tested it yet?

Wow! Nice! Do you have any schematics/layouts or basicaly anything more specific that would help us for learning purposes?

Here’s the PCB on OSH Park: OSH Park ~

Here’s the schematic:

Essentially it just bridges together TX, RX, GND, and 3V3. There’s another set holes in the bottom which allow you to attach a programmer to flash the ESP-32.


What kind of programmer did you use?

I love the package! Before I order a few for my hackspace, did you get it to work @antimatter15 ?

It should be possible to use any ordinary serial to USB adapter to program the ESP32. It includes a 5-port header that can be used connected to VCC, GND, TX, RX and another pin which is to be shorted to GND to start it in flash mode

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I haven’t had the time to test it yet. I haven’t played around with compiling or writing Flipper plugins yet.

I read somewhere that 3v3 pin on gpio is also connected to SD card and to be careful maybe protect the current from going back in and damaging the SD card.

Just a thought.

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Hi for all,
i built the project but unfortunately it does not work.
Trying to reverse the TX and RX pins it work but when i launch the [ESP32] Marauder application the device restart by itself due to crash.

I attach the photos of the module ESP32:

and the error flipper zero:

Can you help me? The idea is good.
Thanks for all answers.

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That flipper APP (ESP WiFi Marauder is to be used with the Flipper WiFi dev board flashed with Marauder firmware… Meaning it was not written for this specific mod/tool/project. Also check if the version of your firmware (on flipper) is compatible with the version of the app that you are using (compiled for the correct API).

Hi Spildit,
in flipper zero I installed the release Eng1n33r:

ESP32 Marauder is pre-installed.

In ESP32 chip I installed the firmware justcallmekoko:

Did you see any error? I dont think that this issue depends by software but eletronics.

It is possibile invert the TX and RX pin by flipper zero software? Because the PCB has issue in pinout TX and RX, it is inverted .

Thanks for the support.

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The error most likely is related to the fact that the app on the Eng firmware you mentioned is made to work with the official wifi dev board with Marauder on it and NOT on the ESP mod that you did mention…

Try to buy flipper official debug wifi dev board and install the Marauder firmware on it, check if the app on the flipper do work with that.

Ok, thanks, the problem is that WiFi Devboard is soldout, but i will wait that it is available.

Thanks for the support.

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No problem. Let me know if you manage to make it work later with the dev board. Regards.

Oh yeah it looks like the pins have been switched. I’ve designed a revised version of the board here: OSH Park ~


  • Fixed the issue where TX/RX have been flipped
  • Added an LED connected to GPIO4 for ESP32
  • Added an on-off switch to enable/disable the wifi module (to save power)
  • Replaced programming header with a PCB jumper, so that in theory the ESP32 could be flashed using the Flipper USB-UART bridge by pressing something conductive against it while turning on the module
  • Added space for another bypass capacitor for better power stability

It hasn’t come in yet, so I don’t know if it’ll work

As for why the ESP Marauder doesn’t seem to be compatible, this module uses an ESP32-S instead of an ESP32-S2 (which is what the Wifi Dev Board) uses. I suspect that it should be possible to recompile ESP Marauder to work on the ESP32-S.


Thanks for sharing the second version of the project.
Is it possible to draw the PCB for ESP32-S2 WROVER?
This should be exactly the chip installed on the original development board.
By doing this we should minimize the incompatibility problems.

Here’s a variant that uses the ESP32-S2 WROVER OSH Park ~


Thanks antimatter15 !

Hi, I tested the ESP32-S with the Marauder Firmware and work fine, i bought the pcb fixed. Thanks for all .

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