Mobile App unavailable in my country

Hi, it seems Flipper mobile app is unavailable in my country (Czechia / Czech Republic). Can you please check on your side? Thank you

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Hm, we don’t have any region restrictions set up. Are you sure that the problem is on our side?

I see it now, tried to find “Flipper Mobile” and found nothing (just irrelevant apps)
I must really search full name: Flipper Mobile App

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You’re right, the availability of the Flipper mobile app depends on the app store policies and restrictions in your region, not something Flipper can control directly.

But as it is open Source, you could just download and compile it by yourself: GitHub - flipperdevices/Flipper-Android-App: Android Mobile app to rule all Flipper's family

Or install from F-Droid. But in my opinion it is more easy to compile and Install a self compiles apk than trust a 3rd party store.
Don’t get me wrong, I trust F-Droid and using it on more than half of my android devices. But I am using else F-Droid or Play Store. Not both on one system. Especially not for one App.

I wonder if we can do something with this rather unhelpful user? Even if it isn’t entirely AI-powered, this is hardly detectable from posts.