More Lowes buttons... Copy Please

Can anyone clone the rest of the buttons? Hardware,Fashion Lighting,Paint and any others they see. For some reason mine isn’t getting a good reading off of them.

Very generic question. Normally a meta question gets a meta answer. As the next few lines:

It would be helpful to know what you know. Do you mean Loewe as brand for TV?
A start would be Flipper-IRDB/ at main · Lucaslhm/Flipper-IRDB · GitHub
But I don’t know how this match the button names you’re writing.

Here are some more Loewe devices: GitHub - Lucaslhm/Flipper-IRDB: A collective of different IRs for the FlipperConverted/CSV/L/Loewe

If you don’t have any further knowledge, at least you should have a model name of the remote or the device. And if you’ve got ‘no good reading’, maybe you can show us what you’ve already got, that we can add above of that.

Lowes buttons meaning customer service buttons… What else would Lowes buttons be in terms of flippers?

My fault. I’ve thought this was the category Infrared.

And I still have no idea what a Lowes button is. So I’m out. Good luck.

Lowes,Walgreens some CVS still use the customer service buttons. Whether it be something locked that you need to get or you have a question about a product. It calls an employee to that area.

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Since I now know what ‘Lowes’ is (there is no store near where I hang around) and know we are talking about ‘Customer Call Buttons’ or ‘Customer Service Pager’, I did a little googeling.

I am pretty sure you already found this repo. It would be a little helpful to mention it.
There are some examples.
Maybe somebody can interpret the RAW data and find a pattern, to try other/similar sequences.
But this is not my area of expertise. Even if I would like to play around with URH, some day.

I have been working hard on reverse engineering the Indyme 300Mhz button format, Almost entirely from existing dumps, including the very helpful ones for Walgreens

One thing that would be helpful towards this effort, is if the 3 digit alarm code numbers for the Lowes buttons can somehow be disclosed. These are the codes that are programmed into the button to set what department they are for.

With all of the existing dumps, I have managed to figure out how to generate 896 valid Call button codes, and their matching Reset code that allows the call to be cancelled without it needing to time out, and I also 768 Dwell codes. Of the 896 Call button / reset codes, I have 192 of them mapped out, from alarm codes 705 to 896. As for the Dwell codes, I also have 192 of them mapped, from 449 to 576.

Eventually, when I get my hands on an indyme 300Mhz capable button, I intend to map out all 999 of the Call / Reset codes, (alarm codes 001 to 999)

The one thing that has been sort of helpful in being able to test these codes, is the fact that Canadian Tire also uses an indyme system too. Some of my first playbacks did NOT have the reset codes transmitted, but once I figured those out from the linked dumps, every playback from that point on also had the matching reset code transmitted.