Mounting Sd car failed

Describe the bug.

“OK →” button on “Mounting SD card failed” screen does not do anything. The screen does not disappear when pressing → D-pad on said screen, while all other buttons work fine.

When I go to any any application, I get the message update needed update to run this app. when I already updated the app numerous times


  1. Insert completely blank MicroSD card (no partition layout) while Flipper is powered off
  2. Power Flipper on
  3. See “Mouting SD card failed” screen with “OK →” button
  4. Press → D-pad button
  5. Nothing happens. The screen does not disappear.

This randomly occurred I’ve never had issues like this before. I’ve tried different memory cards. They all say the same thing.

I was having a similar problem with one of my blank, but formatted, SDs. Reformatting it as ExFAT on my PC, even though it was already formatted, fixed the issue.