Mushy Central Button

Hi, my central button is kinda stuck, and doesn’t have anymore that satisfying “click” feedback. It still works if you press hard enough but I’d like to fix it.
After checking some teardown videos, I’m afraid that the problem is with the SMD low profile button, that somehow got stuck and will probably need to be desoldered and replaced.
Does anyone here know if it’s doable, and I know it’s a long shot but where I can find that replacement part?

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Those are dirt cheap. I might look through the catalog at Mouser and grab a few. See which ones look the closest to what is in the Flipper and grab a few of the top 10 closest. When you get them you can match them up.
SMD just means Surface Mount Device.

The button is a SKRMAAE010, and I was able to find it on Aliexpress for cheap. Not sure if it will be reliable or not, would you recommend more trusted vendors in Europe?


I’m not in Europe but I consider Digi-Key reliable. They are worldwide and they have excellent 24x7 support.