My first PR: improved keyboard support

Hello, I recently created my first PR on flipperzero-firmware:

This PR adds support for new keyboard layouts that couldn’t be supported before. Currently, Bad USB is unable to type the following characters on most Dutch keyboards: ` ~ ^ ' ". This is because US-International (the keyboard layout used in the Netherlands) requires a space to be pressed after typing any of these characters, otherwise it will attempt to merge the character with the next one.

Would anyone like to look at it? I’m curious what people think about it.



Great work!

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Nice, but I use ALTSTRING instead of STRING for displaying lines with these characters. This is a lot easier and makes sure the script works without needing an additional action on the Flipper.

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Ah, interesting. It seems like ALTSTRING only works on Windows though. I use Linux, so I haven’t been able to try that.

This does make me wonder how much interest there would be in my PR. Since most people use Windows, and the current situation works acceptable enough for Windows, I could understand the maintainers not finding this worth the increased complexity. That said, I hope people still see the value in a proper cross-platform solution.

Hmm, does anyone know how long it usually takes for someone to look at the PR? Would love to get some feedback, but I don’t know if it’s considered acceptable to ping the maintainers for code reviews.

I didn’t that worked only with Windows, good to know!
Although less people use Linux, an addition to the firmware could aid in the rare case one finds a Linux station with a Dutch keyboard.

Don’t know anything about when PRs are being looked at…

Or more commonly: macOS ;-).

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I just rewrote my PR description to be clearer. I think my initial one was way too dull

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BTW, maybe the folks on Discord know anything about PRs being looked at?

Possibly. I’m in the server but I can’t send messages there due to not having a verified phone number. But I’m not sure how to contact anyone about not being able to send messages there, since I’m not able to send messages there…