My Flipper is hiding - can it be approximated?

It’s somewhere in this doggone house but I haven’t been able to find mine and something tells me if I get another one I’ll have to nail it down
But what I do have is a crapload of nice stm32 and other various gear that should, in theory, be able to run a recent flipper build. It definitely won’t be mobile or cost effective but there could be other upsides I’m not aware of - like bigger antennas, phased arrays, SDR interface and whatnot. Or the huge full color touchscreen that’s on stm32h7 board i would use if this was viable.
So the question is mainly, has anyone tried to run flipper build on an assortment of random (mostly kinda compatible) gear ?

A lot of the faps and implementations of gpio boards are mostly forks of other gits , far before having a FZ i got interested in the subghz stuff already, and played with those 3 dollar transmitters analog and you could also do it with for example a arduino and a specific band transmitter and make it function specific for peanuts. Like marauder already had a beard before the FZ existed , just now its TikTok hype that is kinda overhyping it.

I had a casio watch with a universal IR remote in it in the late 90s that was pretty cool for the time, so I guess it depends on how you look at it :smiley:

I have been ripping and c&p using random stuff on other gear a lot before, from random py stuff , others that actually freestyle most of C variations , where I am more of the, why try to built it if people did it before you :smiley: Just have to work with what you have , and make it work?

That is the only reason I am still interested in playing with some random stuff around a little, cause it becomes boring if nothing is costing some pints of coffee and anger and being stubborn to get something to work even if you know you could buy it working for 3 bucks the day after, but I want it now ! so no matter what you are going for it :smiley: Specially in the weekends when boredom hits, insomnia prevents me from sleeping and I need something to put mymind on. Even if i do not have anything near like it but enough things that together should be able to perform some equal functions. Once the mind is running on E85, and once I commit to something, there is no going back :smiley:

Having a cheap RTL-SDR for RX is definitly worth it, and if you look on ali / amazon if you are lucky you can find them under 30 bucks.

I rather work from desktop/laptop , but you could make a lot of stuff more feature specific with a druino and some in/out stuff on whatever? almost all the things that run on the FZ you could strip to a very bare setup and make it fit in a matchbox if you wanted to?

I even stripped some 5 dollar lidl remotes to get the 433 tx parts from it to connect to my audio out to send out some ASK stuff and play with it that way, fun project to waste a weekend on.

Short list of equivalents with minimal explanations:

  • SubGHz: RTL-SDR as a better receiver, countless CC11xx adapters (e.g. ESP32 or UberStick) as comparable transmitter, HackRF to supersede them all.
  • RFID, NFC: Proxmark3 is better in almost every regard
  • Infrared: simple Pronto remote if you want to own it, Alexa remote or Mi remote if you want more devices to control, TV-B-Gone for simple interface and powerful LEDs.
  • GPIO: Arduino or RPi, dunno
  • iButton: there seem to be some professional devices sold from Russia, quick tinkering is possible from Arduino.
  • Screen and buttons: PC, laptop, smartphone, RPi with accessories.

This collection is no worse than Flipper, except portability - it is a full desktop or heavy backpack, not a pocket-fitting Swiss knife. Might also be cheaper, depending of specific combo and amount of reuse.

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Yeah, pm3 for example, I know the FZ has some features that could be cool but in reality I never used it, in ever case I already have the pm3 running and with laptop it is so much faster, for sure if i find another entrance with retro lf tags maybe i will try the FZ for fun, but since everything is mostly mifare anyways, I do not even bother trying anything else anymore :smiley: