My flipper is slower than ever

My flipper after not using it for a while got slower, I tried everything from hard rebooting to factory reseting and changing frimware, even on the original frimware its even slower than before and to get the the shutdown menu I need to wait 10 seconds and in the infrared remotes It take 5 seconds to get into the tv remote and any other remote

Try formatting the SD card or replace it with another card.

If it is not related to the SD-card, i have had weird slowdowns and crashes on older FW configurations. But swapping FW to DEV and back to Release for example, so you just reflash the firmware can be enough to resolve it. Sometimes it seems to like a reflash to make it happy again.

It didn’t help me

It also didn’t help because its not the sd card, its the item itself

it said this too
[UTL] Upload 6 entries @Reosthik ERROR: Operation timeout (generic)
[DEV] Full Update @Reosthik ERROR: Operation timeout (generic)
[RPC] (11) Storage Write @/ext/update/f7-update-0.100.3/resources.tar ERROR: Operation timeout (generic)

Put SD into your computer and create a folder named “update”. Unzip the firmware into that folder, making sure it’s under a subfolder named something like “f7-update-…”. Put the SD card back into your Flipper device. Navigate to the “f7-update…” folder on the SD card using the file browser on Flipper. Finally, execute the update.fuf file to initiate the update process.

How to put it into my pc

I need help because I don’t know where is the f7-update and also I don’t think firmware will help because I updated lots of times and nothing helped

Cardreader? You can try opening the case and physically putting it inside the machine , but it doubt that will help putting data on the SD.

But also trying other usb cable and DFU should be able to resolve it, after a couple of minutes being stuck on update a reset is usually enough and it will continue update, but if it will not, extracting the firmware into the update folder on the SD is a workaround.

I have to say it maybe be sd combination tough, i just got a new 256gb samsung that is fast on other machines but on the fz it is way way slower then my old kingston of only 16gb’s,i notice delays of a seccond on the samsung card, where on the kingston it feels like instant/no lag at all. so not saying the card is bad, but it might be a newer type that goes into legacy like the samsung seems to do and be a lot slower then older smaller ones. I was to lazy to see if resizing the partition made any difference.

@Sir_Fap_A_Lot : I also find that the flipper works better with a smaller gigabyte size, and I think the official recommendation is to use a smaller SD card anyway since you don’t really need that much.

@Crazy_Mike : So, in our posts, you have the solution to the problem nicely and thoroughly explained. If it’s not clear enough, copy our post and paste it in ChatGPT and ask it to explain it to you as if you don’t understand. This is not meant to insult you, just to make things clearer. Because both Sir_Fap_A_Lot and I gave you a lot possible explanations of that problem. I’m confident that one of them is correct.

Yeah I just noticed a big difference trying a random new cheap samsung sd , like 256 gigs for 10 bucks, legit , who can complain? 25 years ago that was startrek tech. But when you offend your dolphin with a 256 partition you notice, the FZ is going into retrospec communication and slowing down a lot. So more is definitely not always better. My 16 gig kingston’s seem to be the fine spot where you have more capacity then you will ever use on your FZ, but it is still 0 lag and everything is instant.

But now I kinda want to know if tricking it into resizing the part will benefit the performance so lets try that first before i write off the potential of the sd.

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Its not about the update, my whole things is 5 times slower than the first time I got it

It would be a lot easier to find another FZ to compare and make some decent comparisons/examples and proof it with IRL test. I rlly hope there are some debug logging features or other options to provide problematic results to put it on warranty,staff seems to be more active on the discord ( don’t know, never used it ) but if the device is actually physically fcked, i think they are definitely willing to get happy custs. But I never had to return anything for waranty yet, the things that I managed to break where mostly my own talent so I had to re-order some things more then once :smiley: