My friend installed a type of nian cat viruz in the flipper

My friend are trying to download a new type of software from a strange site. And got infected by nian cat viruz

Can you provide us more info? From which site was the SW downloaded? It’s an app or a whole FW? How you’r friend detected a virus? After connecting FZ to PC? Or have FZ any signs of malfunction?

Do you mean Mimikatz? It doesn’t do anything to the Flipper but might be used to steal creds from a PC.

EDIT: This is probably what you actually meant. You might have an issue if it got your PC but it still won’t hurt the Flipper.

True to the program’s name, many parts of the virus are based on Internet memes; for example, the virus overwrites the boot sector with an animation of Nyan Cat. Leurak also created a safer version of MEMZ called MEMZ-Clean.