Need Epson EB-725wi infrared please

Hello, i’ve tried the code that i saw on github for the EB725wi but it works only 1time of 400 lmao… if someone have a working one ? Tks a lors !

Okay, so you’ve already found a file. Maybe it would be helpful to know the source. Since I don’t know what ‘the code’ is, my further description will be based on the Button ‘Power’.

Most times the best source is GitHub - logickworkshop/Flipper-IRDB: A collective of different IRs for the Flipper
Here you’ll find the folder Flipper-IRDB/Projectors/Epson at main · logickworkshop/Flipper-IRDB · GitHub

If you open all the files, and compare the part name: POWER you should see, Epson is always using the same code in all crowd collected files:

name: Power
type: parsed
protocol: NECext
address: 83 55 00 00
command: 90 6F 00 00
  1. Maybe your source has a the line 'type: ’ with the value ‘raw’. In this case, just use one of the files from the linked Flipper-IRDB.
  2. Maybe There is a light source near the projector, that is interfering the signal. in most cases this should not be an issue (see Taking over TVs with Flipper Zero Infrared Port), but if the sender is too powerless or the receiver eye is dusty, it could be a reason.
  3. … I have no more Ideas. Now it is up to you, to describe the situation. lmao or so.
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Tks a lot for your respond, it work one time of idk how many lmao but i’ve tried with all the .ir files on github… wirh the same flipper and an other model(i think it was EB-675) it work perfectly … and i’ve tried with all the EB-725 and no one work correctly … (sorry for my english i’m not english ahah)

Are you still in need of help? I looked up your projector model and the remote for it looks identical to one I have in my possession. I don’t have the projector to test with, but you’re welcome to give this a try:

Edit: This remote is tricky, as it has at least one modifier button. I did the best I could do without something to test against. If this partially works for you but specific things are wrong, let me know and maybe I can do a better capture.