Need help finding a Vestel touchscreen display remote


I need help turning off a touchscreen computer because I cannot seem to find the correct signals to do so online. The touchscreen displays’ name is “Vestel” in Turkey.
If anyone knows how to turn them off/on please let me know.
(I have tried this remote: but it has not worked for me)


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Before we move on let’s confirm the file was downloaded properly. It’s a very common problem. Open the file in a text editor and make sure it looks like the following.

Filetype: IR signals file
Version: 1

Yeah, it’s correct

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I tried to create a file with an app but I didn’t have any luck. Do you have a remote you could record the signal from with the Flipper?

Not sure why I didn’t think of this but have you tried the universal remote feature on the Flipper? If that works we can probably find a code for you. Try all the different device types.

I don’t have a remote to get the signals from and that’s why I’m trying to find the signals online.

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I also tried universal remote but I didn’t have any luck. It didn’t turn off or anything

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Nice reply

What do you expect?

The flipper is a nice little device to capture a bunch of signals, one is Consumer IR. The flipper is not an universal remote!
If the protocol is known, a few codes can be tested. If the protocol is not known, there are a lot of possible variations in RAW format.

So the best chance is to get hands on a Remote and capture at least one signal with the flipper to go on.
The second good way would be a documentation, that could be translated in flipper-speech.

But without anything to start, it is a little more complex than repair a modern car, without a proper manual.

Edit: One ‘solution’ is Beute force… But this is not my way. I am not strong enough for handling a sledge hammer.

Sadly I don’t have any great ideas. For one of my devices I had to purchase a used remote off eBay because there were no other options available.

Can you provide more model information about the display (and maybe pictures of the labels on the back)?

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