Network debugging toolset - idea


I’m not sure is it a right place to put ideas or not, but it looks like that one of the possible 3rd-party module might be a network debugging toolset (attachable to the extension pins)

This tool might be helpful for guys who do network engineering and in-field work.

Possible ports:

  1. RJ45
  2. Coaxial
  3. Fiber
  4. GSM (card slot)

Possible features:

  1. Uplink inspection
  2. Network information

Also this external module can provide an ability for 3rd party applications run on the flipper to use this module as an interface for external devices.



That it would be quite cool, but it seems you have not done the basic back-of-napkin-math about processing and power requirements, transfer speeds etc.

For 1-3, sure testing a link could likely work, but anything like packet inspection, beyond trivial rates, would be well beyond the power of the MCU. The speed of SPI, i2c, UART etc will also be way too low for that. For 4 there is so much more than a SIM card slot you need, and even higher power requirements for including or supporting a cellular modem properly.

This of course primarily applies to the Flipper Zero. On the One you could probably connect any one of those through USB and have something workable. Power would still be an issue though.

yeah man if it could do some of the basics like the NetAlly LSPRNTR-300 LinkSprinter does like tell you what switch and port its connected to and just confirm POE or something that would be pretty handy.