[new gate key] ELMES electronic

Hi, could you add new vendor, that works on 433.92

RAW-20240107-193326.sub (40.6 KB)
Rydla_szlab_raw.sub (31.0 KB)
Raw file has "three times button “open” and three times button “close”.


thank you in advance!

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A masz coś więcej z “tej okolicy” ?,

Pozdrawiam, L.
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If you can already see it there is nothing to add/implement,
Also you already have the manufacturer key for that vendor as well.
OFW will not allow for you to save/send that keeloq for security reasons. You can use un-official firmware like un**** and it will emulate your remote just fine, or you can use something like a self-learning remote like a scimagic to clone the protocol with a different serial number so that your original remote is not de-sync (you need to add manualy to your reciever the new serial).
At least un*** firmware does have a add manualy KL: Elmes (PL) so you can use that to generate a new remote with a new serial as well.