[New protocol request] Latin America, Garrison Electric Gate Control. Model LK210P, 10 Dipswitches

Hi there, need some help with creating a protocol for this. This is a very generic remote that is used in south America (Chile)

What I know, this is 380MHz, 10 Dipswitches control with 2 buttons.

Flipper is unable to read or read raw. Analyzer is unable to read it also.

The fccid was not found at the Control.

Model: LK210P
Dipswitches: 10
Channels: 2
Coding: Fixed Code (12 bits)
IC: HT12E (Dual Frecuency)
Frequency: 380MHz
Power: 100mW
Power (ERP): less than 1mW A1D
Modulation: ASK
Programming: with dispswitch
Range: up to 80m
Battery: 1 x 23A - 12V
Origin: Taiwan, City Wall Enterprise Co., Ltd

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You have a micro controller in the remote control. any protocol can be implemented on it … you need to add the frequency 380000000 to the subghz_setting file and check the reception again at this frequency

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It work. Thanks.

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that is this protocol is supported?

Very BAD advice from @SkorP .

Officially supported frequencies: 300-348 MHz, 387-464 MHz, and 779-928 MHz (from CC1101 chip docs)

380 is outside official range and you can damage your flipper if you decide to extend the range using firmware with illegal functions that we aren’t even allowed to discuss here.

Hopefully adding 380 to subghz_settings will not do a thing on official firmware otherwise it would be a severe bug need fixing.


Hi, where i can lesrn his to add the frecuency? I have the same control (garrison) and i want to add to my flipper thx

Hola soy chileno también. Según tu otro comentario ya vi que lo lograste… Es posible que me comentes como lo lograste por favor.

dear can you help me. also chilean and i need to add that mhz i dunno how to do it.

dear cab you help me with the same. cheers.