[New Protocol Request] Nedap tags

Hi! There’s very little information about Nedap online, so I’m not sure if this is enough information. Here’s the information I was able to get off of the proxmark3 from a Nedap semi-active parking tag:

[+] NEDAP (64b) - ID: 38871 subtype: 10 customer code: 2468 / 0x9A4 Raw: FF953498E2A41285

Pictures below of the open tag, in case this helps at all:

We’re currently working on RFID RAW, and will be able to add new RFID protocols only after we finish the refactoring for RAW recording


Totally makes sense. Should I re-submit this request later, or is there a more formal way to add protocol requests?

You can just wait, we’ll come back to your request when we’ll be able to implement it.

Hi Astra
Did you make any progress on this?
We have Nedap uPass windshield tags for our parking lots (see here) and it would be nice to work with these. I could provide RAW reads of many tags if that would be of any help?
Edit: I just found that the tags are using operating frequency 865 - 870 MHz / 902 - 928 MHz

This doesn’t look like a passive RFID tag to me …

You have a battery so it’s an active tag powered by the battery and NOT by the reader, also the RFID tool reads at 125 khz (more or less) so forget about using it to read 865 - 870 MHz / 902 - 928 MHz tags …

Hardware limitation.

I think we have two versions of the tags. The one which is in the pictures of @forknife which seems active.
The windshield tags are passive, it’s just a “sticker”. But I guess both utilize the same protocol…
I’m pretty new to all this, so forgive me my lack of RF understanding. You say HW limitations. But we’re in subGHz spectrum and I would have guessed that it’s possible to at least capture the exchange between reader and tag, no? Or is it because it’s RFID UHF?

Hey, I actually have the same exact tag from my college campus. Same look & design & everything. Wondering if you ever managed to figure something out for it? I’d love an update

Any news on this?