New user ish

I want to uncover wireless networks, or at least detect wireless cameras or something. I already have the sd card installed and the first firmware update. I have no idea what to do with this thing. Give me something to do, something to test and verify. I cant seem to do anuthing besodes play a dumb snake game.

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The Flipper probably can’t detect a wireless camera. Those usually work on frequencies outside the range of the Flipper. For cameras 2.4ghz or 5.8ghz are common these days. Try this thread for ideas.

Also make sure you have your Flipper up to date.

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For WiFi you need the Flipper WiFi devboard first. Check the firmware its running and you have the correct tools/apps work with. Take note that both your flipper and the devboard have options to customize their firmware and are going to be mandatory for certain functions you might want to use like marauder.

Also on other firmware repo’s you find ton’s more of games and other tools to play around so you might wanna read up on featured and other homebrew stuff for this device. For example check github for UberGuidoz collection he also refers to other firmware forks etc.

I didn’t think about that but there are a ton of apps for the official firmware too.

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I am a little skiddish to post url’s but thanks for the repo, this is one of the perfect examples to enrich your flipper, but also this repo refers to lots of others cotaining more games/apps to turn it into a great toy, honestly i play more games on it by now then i actually use it to capture anything :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks, im trying to find the time to mess with this thing more, its just a matter of time.