Next Restock Date

Today, I was trying to get a Flipper Zero from the shop and it sold out in 30 seconds.
I am so irritated because I didn’t get one because of shipping address issues.

Does anybody know when the next restock is?

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Same here…
They need to have a limit of one so you don’t have people buying them up and selling them on Amazon.

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Honestly, I feel like there are bots that buy them up.

Maybe they could sell them officially on Amazon.

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Just looked at a reddit post and it seems like they restock every week.

Is this true?

The drops aren’t regular from what I have seen. For instance the last drop got delayed due to Customs. It appears they are putting them out as soon as possible but shipping and customs can be unpredictable. As always I recommend following the official Flipper Discord or the @FlipperLocator for the most recent information. You can be notified automatically by @FlipperLocator.

same like what the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
i been wiating

bro every thing on the store is like all out?!?!?!?


I hope you’re paying attention then. @flipperlocator says

Restock has been announced to occur in 50 minutes! 12:00pm CST.