NFC App workflow

Is it possible to have an NFC tag run the IR sensor on the Flipper to operate things on a timer?

In general: Yes, should be possible. But a lot of work for a very special use case.

In detail:

  • NFC: To read a NFC, you need to open the NFC read. It is not always on. If you’d like to have it always on, it will need some battery.
  • IR Sensor: The sensor is waiting for IR signals. Do you want to receive data when triggered by NFC? More likely You want to send a signal.
  • Timer: Processing something can be triggered by events. e Event can be a NFC read or a timer. So If the trigger is ‘Read NFC’, why should be a timer involved?

If the idea is thought trough, I would suggest to use an Arduino rather than a Flipper for this kind of task.

I had a similar thought when I read his other post. I would use an ESP8266 or ESP32. Some can be bought with the IR modules already wired up. On the other post I also see he wants temperature which is very cheap and easy to add to an ESP. There are many libraries that could even make the automation relatively simple. The bonus of an ESP is having WiFi as an option. That would keep time synchronized and give the ability to easily add a web interface available from his phone.

Another thought I just had. I’m reasonably sure the Tasker App on Android could remote control the Flipper when it’s in Bluetooth range. All the automation could be done in Android there and the Flipper would just be a gateway as long as it’s in Bluetooth range. Tasker doesn’t require a high degree of programming knowledge to make your own automation.