NFC-B support for saving/emulating

More of a paper trail than an actual question…

Just like other users with NFC-V, it seems NFC-B can be read but not saved/manually added/emulated at the moment.

To my understanding it’s just the software not supporting it yet, not the hardware not being able to do it. Am I understanding this right?

see: NFC-V Compatibility?


Yes, you are correct


There’s an ETA?


Not yet

Any updates?


I would like to know if it’s planned to permit the save & emulate for nfc B ?

Because you put a nice example here Emulation - Flipper Zero — Documentation however i’m pretty sure it’s NFC B, as several transport card.

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They have also added a clear chapter for NFC type B, F and V here stating that save/emulation is not supported.

Hopefully it will be available soon.

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I really wish it would be !

Any news about support of NFC-B, F, V for saving or emulating ?
Many thanks

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