NFC Card Reading (Key Founds: 28/32 *** Sector Read: 14/16) Stuck

I have key cards, and I wanted to compile them in a flipper, but scanning them got stuck, as seen in the attached picture. It stays on this screen forever and then gives the second screen.

Key Card Specs are at

below link

I think that the problem is that some of the keys aren’t in the Flipper dictionary.
It will be stuck on the first screen as the Flipper is testing all the keys he know against all the sectors so he needs lot’s of time.

How can I fix this?

You have to find and add the missing keys to your flipper.

Adding is simple, you go to: NFC => Extra Action => Mifare Classic Keys, and then use the Add button to add new keys to your flipper dictionary. (this key are in a separated file, so will not be overwritten on new updates)

Finding them is the real problem unless you already know them. On the forum I remember that there are some post on the problem, so I suggest you to make a search as I never used the flipper to find keys.

Can you guide me a little bit, please?

Sorry but as I was saying before I never used the flipper for searching keys.
I made a quick search and found a couple of post that I suggest you to read: