NFC default keys list - use known keys from another UID? - MFD 2 NFC converter


I have a few questions…

Is it possible to import an NFC default keys list?

I found my keys by UID in folder /NFC/.cache


But if I want to read a new card from the same system, it obviously has a different UID. The Flipper then uses the found ones

Another card from the same system will of course have a different UID. Do I have to start again from the beginning or does the Flipper already use known keys from another UID?

Saved cards are saved with the extension nfc. Is there a converter that gets my Dump.mfd into the correct format for the Flipper?


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Manually, by placing it onto SD card. /nfc/assets/ contains the default list and some docs.

Normally, you start from the beginning. And not every system will reuse keys between cards. If you are sure it is, copy the file

manually to a new UID name.

I believe MCT can convert mfd into PM3 JSON, and then some Flipper NFC <-> PM3 JSON translator is lying around.